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Viking/Scots Villages

To mark the 750th anniversary of the Battle of Largs of 1263 we propose to have two living history Villages. One will be 10th Century Viking to represent the Viking influence on Largs (which will fit in with the school curriculum) and the other will be a 13th Century Scots encampment to represent how the Scots would live at that time.

Present in the Villages will be King Hakon of Norway and King Alexander of Scotland in period dress so visitors can "Come and Meet the Kings" who were involved in the 1263 Battle of Largs.

The Villages are open throughout the festival where historical re-enactors will be living as Vikings and Scots and where you can learn about their skills, trades and crafts.

The Viking Village with the Glasgow Vikings will have dark age cooking; spinning, dyeing and weaving; pole lathe; forge; moneyer; Viking traders; weapons display and have a go archery. 

The Scots Village with the Swords of Dalriada will have medieval cooking; wool work; leather work; forge; coin striking; musician; net making; furrier; arrow fletching; have a go archery and traders.

School groups are most welcome to come and see how the Vikings and Scots lived in their interactive Villages where children can be educated in a real live Viking and Scots environment that brings history to life.

Viking Village Largs Viking Festival
The Swords of Dalriada

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